Maroon Town added to The London Intl Ska Festival 30th anniversary.

We are delighted to announce the latest band to be added to The London Intl Ska Festival 2018 / 30th anniversary is, one of London’s finest…. Maroon Town.

Maroon Town have been stalwarts of the global ska scene for the last 4 decades. Formed in the mid-80s their constantly evolved and pushed musical boundaries, taking traditional ska and mixing it with rap, funk and latin sounds.

The debut recordings (mixed by The Specials John Bradbury) instantly set them as one of the most innovative bands the ska scene has produced.

They’ve carried the ska flame from Brixton to Brunei, Indonesia, Venezuela, Barbados, Turkmenistan, Ukraine to Kosovo, along the way playing everywhere from London, Central Asian & Jamaican prisons to 30 million people on Brazilian TV!

We honoured to have one of the original bands that were there when we launched The London Intl Ska Festival playing our 30th anniversary.

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