The Hypocondriacs added to The London Intl Ska Festival 30th anniversary

We’re delighted to announce the latest band to be added to The London Intl Ska Festival 2018 / 30th anniversary​ are The Hypocondriacs​.

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, the ultra-cool sextet released their debut album aptly titled “60’s Rocksteady & Reggae” on Chicago’s Jump Up Records​ in 2011.

After 4 years with only one cover for a compilation album release a 7″ with O.B.R. Records, from Madrid Spain.

Now in 2017 LA’s Angel City Records​ have snapped the band up and will be releasing their killer “Reggae’68” ep.

Don’t miss The Hypocondriacs making their debut UK show at The London International Ska Festival​ 2018.

They join; Ken Boothe, Derrick Morgan, The Original Aces, African Head Charge, Pama International, Alpheus, Maroon Town, Bombskare, The Uppertones from Italy, Gladdy Wax sound system, Tighten Up crew, our valve soundclash starring Axis Valv-a-tron Sound System. & Phil Bush’s Sounds & Pressure lo-fi, Cara-Jane Murphy, Smiley & The Underclass, Time Tunnel and many more still tba.

1 wristband gets you into all the events. 100+acts. 4 days. There are under 60 wristband tickets left for The London International Ska Festival (29 Mar-1 April’18).
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Single event tickets are also available.


African Head Charge added to The London Intl Ska Festival 30th anniversary

We are delighted to announce African Head Charge will be playing an exclusive show at The London International Ska Festival’s 30th anniversary.

As part of LISF2018 we will be hosting 4 very exclusive shows by world famous acts at O2 Academy Islington 2. The first announced is AHC. Please note there will only 200 tickets available for each of these shows so be quick if you want to come. Tickets go onsale this week.

Co-founded by the legendary underground producer Adrian Sherwood, African Head Charge is a globally-acclaimed, pioneering dub-reggae ensemble led by original co-founder, master percussionist and royal rastaman, Bonjo Iyabhinghi Noah.

Pulsating with tribal drumbeats and chanting from the soul of Africa, African Head Charge fuse together primal rhythms with heavy psychedelic dub, roots reggae and 21st century electronica. Formed originally as a studio project in 1981, the London-based collective has gone on to achieve semi-legendary cult status, creating 13 albums and gracing stages across the world, from Australia and New Zealand to Glastonbury music festival.

Their epic live show features a line-up of 6-8 world-star performers, fusing together djembes, guitars, drums, keys and vocals with heavy electronic sampling. The collective use this blend of live and electronica to generate an intoxicating soundscape of reggae-inflected drumming, visceral vocals and bottomless, thrumming bass-lines that truly reach to the heart of your being.

Performing classic tracks from their back catalogue, as well as their latest album VOODOO OF THE GODSENT, African Head Charge will be using 2018 to premiere new state-of-the-art visual technology. With a deeper, darker and heavier live sound than ever before, the collective are once again ready to enrapture their global fan-base, as well as reach out to a new generation of fans around the world. From roots right through to rave.

Trojan Records official Thames cruise 5

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Trojan Records official Thames cruise 5 – Sat 11 Nov
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Time Tunnel added to The London Intl Ska Festival 2018

We are delighted to announce the latest DJs to be added to The London International Ska Festival 30th anniversary are, from London, the Time Tunnel, ft. Nanker Phelge, Sean Bright, Boy About Town and Liam Curtin.

The Time Tunnel guys have been a firm fixture of the festival every year since 2012, always nailing their part of the festival with their mix of ska, rocksteady, reggae, 2 Tone, soul and beyond.

The London Intl Ska Festival 2018 / 30th anniversary earlybird tickets have soldout!

100 full price wristband tickets are now onsale. They save you £40-£80 depending how many shows you go to!

Maroon Town added to The London Intl Ska Festival 30th anniversary.

We are delighted to announce the latest band to be added to The London Intl Ska Festival 2018 / 30th anniversary is, one of London’s finest…. Maroon Town.

Maroon Town have been stalwarts of the global ska scene for the last 4 decades. Formed in the mid-80s their constantly evolved and pushed musical boundaries, taking traditional ska and mixing it with rap, funk and latin sounds.

The debut recordings (mixed by The Specials John Bradbury) instantly set them as one of the most innovative bands the ska scene has produced.

They’ve carried the ska flame from Brixton to Brunei, Indonesia, Venezuela, Barbados, Turkmenistan, Ukraine to Kosovo, along the way playing everywhere from London, Central Asian & Jamaican prisons to 30 million people on Brazilian TV!

We honoured to have one of the original bands that were there when we launched The London Intl Ska Festival playing our 30th anniversary.

We are delighted to announce the 3 latest acts to be added to The London Intl Ska Festival 2018 / 30th anniversary are;

Rediculously infectious, TNT injected live show, 2Tone inspired juggernaut from Edinburgh.
Winners of BBC4’s “UK’s best part time band”

Brilliant singer from The Defekters and Phoenix City All-stars now brings us her politically fuelled solo show.

Another politically motivated band this time from London promoting the superb new Manasseh produced debut album.

The London Intl International Ska Festival 2018 / 30th anniversary hits the capital Easter weekend 29 March – 1 April’18)

The Uppertones from Italy added to The London Intl Ska Festival 30th anniversary

Hot on the heels of announcing Ken Boothe, Derrick Morgan, Pama International, The Original Aces and Alpheus, we are delighted to announce the latest band to be added to The London Intl Ska Festival 2018 / 30th anniversary is…

from Italy The Uppertones starring Mr.T-Bone.

Check out their next single (out in Sept) HERE

* * * * *

The Uppertones is a powerful trio of trombone, vocals, piano & drums dedicated to the sound of the 50’s in Jamaica, the Jamaican R’n’B, Jamaican boogie, calypso & mento. The kick start to homegrown Jamaican music in the 50s came from American rock’n’roll and R’n’B (rhythm & blues).
At that time it was the birth of Ska, which originated Rocksteady, Reggae etc. This trio aims to please crowds with a stompin’ swing style mixed with the Jamaican edge and style.

Mr.T-bone is a well know singer, composer and trombone player in the international ska scene who has released 8 solo albums in the last 12 years and has toured Europe, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico. He has been a major contributor to the Italian ska & reggae scene for over a decade now.

Peter Truffa is a fabulous piano player & singer from New York. With his blues, jazz and ska roots, he toured for years with The New York Ska Jazz Ensemble and with Giuliano Palma and the Bluebeaters. He worked with Mr.T-bone on his second album “Mr.T-Bone Sees America”.

Count Ferdi is the best drummer you can have for this kind of music, he’s anitalian ska and Rocksteady pioneer founder of The Casino Royale the first italian ska band and The Bluebeaters. He plays with Mr.T-Bone since 1992 in many different project.

Their first album “Closer To The Bone” was released in 2015. This album was a selection of 12 tunes from the marvelous sound of the 50’s including notable successes like “The Great Pretender” and “Personality”. It features a small tribute to the great Rosco Gordon who was one of the most influencial musicians for the young jamaican scene. After releasing it they immediately toured Europe for twenty months no stop playing 170 shows in 10 countries!!

While touring consistently the band members found the time to compose many original tunes and when they arrived in the recording studio they had more than twenty-five new original songs. Same sound, same musicians, same studio but this time they are telling their own stories.

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Love Trojan Records?
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Pama International perform Trojan Records songbook
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Alpheus added to The London Intl Ska Festival 30th anniversary

We are delighted to announce the latest singer to be added to The London Intl Ska Festival 30th anniversary is…

The Jamaican born, Studio One signed, singer supreme – ALPHEUS.

What’s more it will be his debut UK concert!

* * * * *

Born and raised by Jamaican parents in London, England, Alpheus developed a passion for singing after seeing an old recording of Sam Cooke perform on television, and performing on local sound systems in London as a youth. His love for Ska rocksteady and reggae developed as he was exposed to singers like John Holt, Marcia Griffiths, Don Carlos, Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul, Michael Gordon, Keith Douglas, Thriller U, Maxi Priest, and many more great artists.

Whilst Alpheus was living in Florida USA In 1997 he was discovered by Tony Brevett of the famed vocal rocksteady group ‘The Melodians‘. Mr.Brevett took Alpheus to the legendary Clement Dodd at Studio One in New York, where after honing his craft as a session vocalist and singing various singles Alpheus recorded his debut album ‘Quality Time’ which was released in 1999, on some of those classic ‘Studio One ‘ Ska rocksteady rhythms. After Touring the USA and learning his stage performance skills with talented artists like Everton Blender and Richie Spice, Alpheus went on to sing a nice and even more contemporary reggae album with ‘Special delivery label ‘ France in 2007.

Then came the delightful’ Roberto Sanchez produced singles, (7’’and EP) “Two rocksteady riddims”-Dirty dozen and family rhythms. Alpheus then progressed to sing his third critically and musically successful album entitled ‘From Creation’ on A-lone label (lone ark) in 2011, also Roberto Sanchez ‘produced. This is a superb album which consists of stunning re-creations and original composed ska and roots rocksteady music.

After performing The ‘From Creation’ Album on various renowned festivals in Europe, such as Garance, Rototom, Montreux Jazz, Reggae Sun Ska and Reggae Geel, the creative duo Team up again to make yet another quality album of more ‘Ska and Roots Rocksteady Reggae’ music for all to receive and enjoy, released by Liquidator Music label.

Alpheus followed up ‘From Creation’ with a stunning 14 song album entitled ‘Good Prevails’ that captivates re-creations of classic Ska rocksteady rhythms, as well as meticulously constructed original compositions of authentically made ‘Ska and Roots Rocksteady Reggae ‘Produced yet again by the gifted ‘Roberto Sanchez’.

2018 not only promises his debut UK show, but also another world-beating album!

You will always hear and feel Alpheus singing resonantly from his heart and soul. We are delighted to have on of today’s most talented ska & rocksteady singers gracing The London Intl Ska Festival 30th anniversary.

Earlybird tickets (only 4 left) onsale now at:

Alpheus joins; Ken Boothe​, Derrick Morgan​, The Original Aces, Pama International​ and many more still tba. LISF hits the capital next Easter 29 March – 1 April 2018.

London Intl Ska Festival sponsor Gladdy Wax sound system at Notting Hill Carnival

For the third year running The London Intl Ska Festival is honoured to be sponsoring
the mighty GLADDY WAX SOUND SYSTEM at Notting Hill Carnival.

Outside 306 Portobello Rd (on the corner of Goldbourne Rd)

Sunday 27th and Bank Holiday Monday 28th August 2018
Midday to 7pm both days.

Gladdy is a legendary soundman / one of the best around and his set up truly is our favourite and the best part of the Carnival. Since 1989 Gladdy has been doing Carnival and every year the finest selectors and mcs pass through. Don’t miss out this year. The ska fest will be in full attendance.

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Easter weekend
29th March - 1st April 2018


POTATO 5 horn section
More to be announced

DJs/sound systems:

GLADDY WAX sound system
RAS DIGBY (Sir Jessus dubplate special)
AXIS VALV-A-TRON valve sound system
To be announced


To be announced

Free Family Day

+ many more tba!